Should I hire a professional home stager in phoenix

Should I Hire a Professional Home Stager in Phoenix?

You’ve decided to sell your house in Phoenix, Arizona. Should you hire a professional home stager? Let’s discuss. 

Here’s everything you need to know about professional stagers to help make your decision.

How Much Does a Professional Home Stager Charge?

The cost of hiring a professional home stager can vary significantly depending on location, home size, and the extent of the staging. Here’s a look at how much home staging might cost for an average sized home in Phoenix, about 1,800 square feet. 

  • Initial design consultation: $300
  • Staging cost per room: $500 
  • Additional rental costs for staging items
  • 3-month minimum contract

With these numbers, staging an average Phoenix home with 6 rooms could cost upwards of $4,000 each month. Most home stagers require a 3-month minimum contract, so even if you sell your house within the first week of being on the market, you’ll be paying the full contracted amount. That brings the total staging costs up to around $12,000. 

If you’re serious about hiring a professional stager, contact them directly for a quote. Staging costs can vary significantly depending on location, home size, and how much staging your specific home requires. 

Is Hiring a Professional Home Stager Worth It?

Home staging is expensive, but there’s a reason it’s so popular. On average, home buyers offer 1-5% more for staged homes than for similar homes that aren’t staged. Staged homes also tend to sell faster than non-staged homes because buyers are better able to visualize themselves living in the home. 

Still, there are times that hiring a professional stager isn’t the right move. Some homes need much more work than home staging can offer and are best sold as-is. Others are well-maintained and decorated, so home staging is unnecessary. 

DIY Home Staging Tips

Sold on the idea of home staging, but prefer to save some money and do it yourself? Here are some tips to make your DIY home staging look like it was done by a pro:

  • Clean your house thoroughly before you begin
  • Fix anything that’s broken
  • Declutter and reduce the amount of stuff in your home by 1/3
  • Put up a fresh coat of paint
  • Keep it light, clean, and simple
  • Eliminate personal touches like family photos, memorabilia, collections, etc.
  • Remove oversized furniture and bulky items
  • Add in fresh new items like area rugs, throw pillows, plants, and art

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