This Is Why Your Arizona Home Isn’t Selling

You’ve gone through all the effort to get your house ready to list, but now your home isn’t selling. 

This is a frustrating scenario for any home seller, and the discouragement only rises as time goes on. So why is it that some houses sit on the market for what seems like an eternity while other houses are getting multiple offers on day 1? We’ll discuss a few of the possibilities here. This is why your Arizona home hasn’t sold.

It’s Priced Too High

The number one reason that homes don’t sell right away is that the price is too high. Pricing a home correctly is much more difficult than it might seem, especially in an ever-changing market. If you price it too low, you risk leaving money on the table. Price it too high, and you scare away potential buyers. If your home isn’t selling, check the list price and compare it to other recently sold homes in the area. Real estate agents call these “comparables.” A house listed too far above comparable homes that have sold in the past few months is likely to need a price reduction.

Your Home is Unusual

A cookie-cutter house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms is something a lot of buyers are looking for. Homes that are less typical are often more challenging to sell. If your house is extremely large or small, is in a more remote area, or has unusual features, it might take longer for the right buyer to come along. This also applies to homes that are over-upgraded for the area they’re in. Buyers may not want to pay a premium for a home with lots of upgrades when similar homes without the high-end touches are going for much less in the same neighborhood. 

It’s in Rough Shape

Certain homes just aren’t cut out for a typical real estate sale. Many home buyers are looking for move-in-ready homes with fresh paint, clean carpet, and no needed repairs. Not all homes fit that mold. Houses that need a new roof or need a major remodel, for example, are not likely to fare well on the real estate market.

If this sounds like your home, consider alternate methods of selling your house, like working with a person or company that buys houses for cash. These buyers often buy houses as-is, so you won’t have to worry about spending lots of time and money on repairs.

Max Cash Offers Can Help

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