Make Your Home More Attractive in Mesa: A How-to Guide

It’s finally bearable to be outside in the hot Mesa desert, so the time to make your home more attractive is here. Whether you’re getting ready to sell your house or you’d just like to spruce things up for yourself, our how-to guide will help you transform your home into a desert oasis in no time. 

Paint Your Front Door

Front doors are typically the most crucial part of your home’s curb appeal. So while painting your whole house would be nice, it’s not usually necessary. A fresh coat of paint on the front door is all you need to transform the outward appearance of your home. 

Do your research and choose the color wisely. Pick something that stands out while also coordinating with the rest of your home. If we learned anything from the 70’s it’s that we don’t need any more orange doors on brown houses. 

Bring in Some Greenery

As beautiful as the desert landscape is, it can get old, especially to newcomers who are used to seeing a lot of green grass. Bring in some green turf to your yard, and your home will instantly stand out from the sea of tan. 

Highlight The Desert Landscape

Just because you live in the desert doesn’t mean you can’t have any live plants in your yard. There are plenty of desert-friendly plants that thrive in Arizona. Any of the following plants would make a perfect addition to your landscape:

Add Window Treatments

Much like the front door, the windows are an insight into the rest of the home. Bare windows can cause a house to look plain and drab, so consider dressing them up a bit. Add some shutters, curtains, or blinds to add some character to your home. And as an added bonus, they’ll help keep your home cooler during the scorching summer months!

Decorate Your Porch

You can decorate your front porch without looking like that house on every street with approximately 563 lawn ornaments. A seasonal wreath and doormat can really help make your home more attractive. Depending on the size of your front porch, a bench or rocking chair with an outdoor pillow also adds a nice touch. Decor doesn’t have to be overboard to make an impact. Keep it simple and classic, and you’ll wow all of your neighbors, visitors, and potential buyers. 

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