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If you are reading this, you are probably contemplating putting your house in the care of a realtor or getting an offer from a cash buyer. You are here to be convinced of which to opt for. You have actually come to the right place, as both will be pitched side by side for you to see the edges one as over the other. It can be a really tough decision to make. Because the situation for sale and home for sale vary. Thus the decision of which mode of sale to go for can be very exhausting. However, at some point, you just have to choose. 

At the end of this article, you will discover how best to sell your home.  But first, it’s vital we explore the differences between the modes of sale.

Goal Comparison Between Both Buyer Types

Goal of a Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent has a lot on his mind. These include charging you for engaging in their services. Going to inspect your house with you to note to be related and replaced. Having you get your house cleaned for staging and presentation. Listing your house for potential sale in line with prices of houses similar to yours, getting commission off the sake and so on. His goal has a lot that may be attached to them and the time to do all of these can be really long. 

Goal of the Home Cash Buyer

A cash buyer just needs to know your house is available for sale. As long as you are willing to sell, and also ready to accept a price that they can pay, consider your house sold. They do not need you to make repairs or replacements. They are straight to the business which is cash and carry. 

Selling Time Comparison Between Both Buyer Types

Traditional Mode Time Frame

Before having a realtor help you list your home for sale, you will need to do some things. These things include repairs, home cleaning and all. Just to increase the attractiveness of the place. Getting these things done can be really time-consuming. It could be up to weeks and even months. After it is renovated, it is then put up on listing websites. It could spend as much as 2 months without getting a contact. When it eventually does, the prospective buyer might hinge their choice to buy on inspection. That means they May not eventually buy. So many time-consuming factors.

Home Cash Buyer Time Frame

Home Cash Buying on the other hand has swiftness as it’s core advantage. A house sale deal can be closed in as short as 4 days. 

An inspection is carried out, which is never with the intention of checking out for beauty or aesthetics. It’s just to ascertain the actuality of a home for sale and determine the price. Cash buyers will buy as long as an agreement can be reached.  

Cash Needed To Sell Comparison Between Both Buyer Types

Traditional Method Cash Needed to Sell

Selling a house through a real estate agent, which is the traditional way, will have you spend money for repairs or replacements in the home for sale. The house is required to be in the best shape to be bought by a potential buyer, according to your real estate agent. Repairs can be quite cash intensive. Mind you, that does not affect the real estate agent’s fees and the likes. 

Home Cash Buyer Cash Needed to Sell

Unlike the traditional Mode of selling your home, home cash buyers do not require you to repair or replace anything before they buy your house. They spare you the stress of going broke or becoming a broker just because you want to make money off selling your own house. They buy your house as-it-is.

That most people are more accustomed to the traditional way of selling houses, does not mean it is the best way. Selling your house to cash buyers is actually the best way to get your house sold. Especially when you don’t want stress. 

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Phoenix cash home buyers