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Selling your home to a cash home buyer has a fantastic number of pros. You get to sell it fast. You get to avoid repairs. You get to skip foreclosures, you get to skip bureaucracies and so on.  You are definitely on the right path if you are choosing to opt for a cash buyer for your home sale. Nevertheless, It’ll be careless to just get involved with a cash buyer without knowing some things about the transaction mode itself and the cash buyer too. 

In this article, 5 salient questions that you need to ask your potential cash home buyer in Arizona, have been prepared. This inquiry is to help you exercise caution and do business legitimately, with a genuine cash buyer. Read further to discover these questions.

  1. Ask them if they need a home inspection?

A traditional buyer will usually buy your house only upon inspection. And even upon inspection, they can opt-out or ask you to repair. But a genuine cash buyer will buy your home regardless of the state it is in. 

  1. Ask If They Can Provide You Proof Of Funds

This is a fantastic way to detect a home cash buyer with ulterior motives. Countless times, people have gotten into deals with acclaimed house buyers who turn out to be mere middlemen who have no means to purchase. 

They lure you into believing they have the money, then get you to sign a paper for “equitable title”. Then they go on to find you a real buyer. Thus, asking for proof of funds is very vital. And no true buyer would hesitate in showing it to you. Any buyer who refuses or takes time to produce it, should be treated as suspicious. 

  1. Ask If They Can Provide Earnest Money Deposit

Apart from requesting proof of capital, you can also confirm a buyer’s legitimacy by asking them to Provide Earnest Money Deposit. This deposit is made to assure you that they have the means to buy your house, and are actually ready to buy it. 

  1. Opinions About Their Service

Ask who their past clients are, and get to know their perspective of the house buyer.

These days most cash house buyers have websites where you can also read up people’s opinions about them. So surf their websites and read customer reviews and feedback. If you have friends or family who has probably worked with them, enquire from them too. 

You can also use search engines of platforms like Facebook, Google, Houzz and Twitter, to check for reviews of their website. Because at times some of them can doctor their website reviews to favour them. 

  1. Inquire of Their Longevity in the Business of Buying Houses

As much as cash offers can be very appealing, you need to tread with caution. So that you do not sell to a fraudster or someone who will implicate you with an ulterior motive. Inquire of their pedigree in the real estate business, and also make background findings on them. 

Also, be very assertive in knowing that the buyer has experience house buying in Arizona. So they don’t put you in trouble or jeopardy. Get to know how many houses they have purchased, in Arizona especially.

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we buy houses in AZ